Winners 2018

Best of Festival
„Sengirė“ - “The Ancient woods”
Director Mindaugas Survila, Lithuania

Petras Abukevičius Award
“White Wolves – Ghost Of The Arctic” - „Baltieji vilkai – Arkties vaiduokliai“
Director Oliver Goetzl, Germany

Best Feature Film
“Jara” - „Džara“
Director Nika Tsiklauri, Sakartvelo

The Best Short
“Last Respect” - „Paskutinė pagarba“
Director Reut Dagbar Adami, Izrael

The Best of Youth in workshop “Nature Days”

„Nuo aušros iki sutemų“ - „From dawn to dusk“
Dir. Matas Pačkauskas, Lithuania

Special Mention:

“Intraterrestrial. A Fleeting Contact” - „Intraterrestrial. Trumpalaikis kontaktas“
Dir. Alexander and Nicole Gratovsky, Spain

“Amma Meri” (Mother) - „Motina“
Dir. Tarun Jain, India

“One More Experiment” - “Dar vienas eksperimentas”
Dir. Sergey Vlasov, Izrael

„Šviesa = Laimė“ - "Light = Happiness"
Dir. Rapolas Gorodeckis, Lithuania

Winners 2017

Best of Festival
Alone with Wolves
Director Vasiliji Sarana, Russia

Petras Abukevičius Award
Director Ece Soydan, Turkey

Best Feature Film
Director Oliver Goetzl, Germany

The Best Short
Gorgeous Sisters
Inesa Kurklietytė, Lithuania


Migrating Birds (Scouts Of Distant Worlds) – director Petra Höfer, Freddie Röckenhaus, Germany.
Hristo – director Grigor Lefterov, Bulgaria.
Adventures of the American Pika – director Jere Folgert, USA.
Land of Winds – director Ernestas Samsonas, Lithuania.
The Realm of the Little Owl - director Robert Henno, Belgium.
The Devil and the Holy Water director Diego Maria Malara, Finland.
Sand Men – director Tal Amiran, United Kingdom.
Nobody Dies Here – director Simon Panay, France.
Isabella Morra – director Isabel Pagliai, France.
Shuklaphanta, the other wild Nepal – director Fabien Lemaire, France.
Through the supermarket in five easy pieces – director Anna Maria Joakimsdottir-Hutri, Finland.
The Last Film – director M. M. Vartanov, USA.
Iroquois Creation Story – director Cat Ashworth, USA.
The Courtesy of Angels – director Valérie Theodore, France.
The guy came on horseback – director Hossein Rabiei Dastjerdi, Iran.
A Safe Place to Rest (Solo in the Wild) – director Ray Jacobs, United Kingdom.
Jack London's To Build a Fire – director Robert Spindler, Austria.
Megeti – Africa's Lost Wolf – director Yann Sochaczewski, Germany.
Marketed Collecting – director Daukantė Subačiūtė, Lithuania.
Riff Suburby – director Damir Cekic, Montenegro.
Sheep and Wolves – director Maksim Volkov, Rusia.

Winners 2016

The Best of Festival
Director Oliver Goetzl. Documentary. Germany

The Best Feature
Day Six
Director Juan Pablo Arroyo Abraham. Narrative. Mexico

The Best Short
Si minor
Director Itai Shlemberg. Narrative. Israel

Petras Abukevičius Award
Life is One
Director Patrick Rouxel. Documentary. France

The Best of Youth in workshop “Nature Days”:
Narrative. – The Universe Circle. Director Kamilija Teklė Čižaitė.
Documentary - Chisel do not need words. Director Nojus Drąsutis

Special Mention
The Return of Capercaillies
Directors Rimas Pakeris, Tomas Selickas. Documentary. Lithuania

Winners 2015

The Best of Festival
Film SPEECHLESS: THE POLAR REALM, Director Richard Sidey (New Zealand)

The Best Feature
Film BAOBABS BETWEEN LAND AND SEA, Director Cyrille Cornu (France)

The Best Short
Film CIRCUS NOWHERE, Director Lisa Svelmoe (Denmark)

Petras Abukevičius Award
Film THE BEAR, Director Avtandil Chachibaia (USA)

The Best of Youth in workshop “Nature Days”:

Film DEPTH, Director Kotryna Usevičiūtė
Film PROELIUM, Director Arnas Pigulevičius (documentary)

Special Mention:

The Wolf Museum and Utena District Special Mention to Film TREE OF LIFE, Director Garrett Hunter (United Kingdom)

Nature Protection Asociation “Baltijos vilkas” (Baltic Wolf) Special Mention to Film “WHAT ARE THE WOLVES HOWLING ABOUT”, Director Inesa Kurklietytė (Lithuania)

Saldutiškis Neighbourhood Special Mention to – Film THE MEANING OF LIFE, Director Erdvilas Petras Abukevičius (Workshop “Nature Days”)

Film director Inesa Kurklietytė
Cinematographer Algimantas Mikutėnas
Film director Ričardas Matačius
Sound designer Ramūnas Jasutis
Conservationist Andrejus Gaidamavičius

Festival moments